About us

Cat cabin cattery is a small 10 pen newly purpose built cattery built in our back garden looking out on open fields. Each pen contains sunning shelves, heated bedrooms and a selection of bedding so your cat can choose where they are happiest to rest. They will also benefit from the afternoon/evening sun.

As for myself… well I just love cats. I walked into my home one day after a long day and hours of commuting and announced I have made a life changing decision. Well the faces on my son and husband were of “oh dear now what!!”. So I announced I wanted to open a cattery. I have always had a love of cats and as soon as the light bulb turned on in my head with this idea I knew it was the path for me. Luckily both the husband and son agreed!!!

So this is us, I like to think of our cattery as small but mighty and we really look forward to meeting you and having your loved one to stay x

Licence No AWA/BOARD/021